A dream becomes reality



To found a music festival away from other large-scale ones was a long-cherished dream of the Berlin-based Scharoun Ensemble They also had a vision: to offer gifted music students from around the world the opportunity to work with members of the Berliner Philharmoniker and learn from them in courses and joint concerts.


In Zermatt, these two ideas have become reality. From the very first festival in 2005, everyone involved agreed that the conditions the Scharoun Ensemble, their guests and the young members of the Zermatt Festival Academy found at the foot of the Matterhorn were as unique as they were ideal. And to this day, nothing has changed.


Among the many performances of the Scharoun Ensemble – from Rotterdam to Rome and from Korea to the United States – the Zermatt Festival is a highlight of the season every year. That exceptional projects come about is also due to the cordial ties between the musicians who perform here together.







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Photos © Aline Fournier